About Andreas Neustifter

I am using the short name "astifter" on the web since 1995. At this time I attended high school and I was lucky enough to study at a technical high school that was offering access to the web quite early (for Austrian standards anyway...).

After I graduated from there in 1997 I was feed up with learning so I started to work as a field technician for security systems (intrusion detection, access control , fire alarms, all that stuff...) at this time the net was a stationary thing and used only for email and some information gathering.

I was bored with this job after a while and started to further self-educate me in all things computer (mainly programming but also hardware and web development). Now I really started to see the point behind the web as a information gathering and retrieval tool, it helped a lot to have all the information at hand.

I had access to computers from when I was eight years old and did some programming and fooling around with them. But it was really hard to get information about all the hard- and software without the web so learning all this was quite painful. So only when the internet was available to me I really immersed myself into the software world.

With all I had learned I then started as software developer for Bosch and programmed embedded software. This was one big learning experience: learning all the tools of a programmer and the tricks of the trade was way faster when one has to do actual work.

But I always stumbled over the "How is that working internally?" question so I quit my job (well I actually reduced my hours) and started a undergrad course in software engineering at the Vienna University of Technology . I was finally hooked when I got my hands on all the science that "made stuff work"(tm).

When I finished my undergraduate studies the it was clear to me: the master studies had to be done in Theoretical Computer Science . So the last 2.5 years of my studies were the most interesting in my life (also getting more and more interested in all the Web 2.0 stuff) and I was looking forward to getting a job where I can use all the acquired skills.

So in June 2010 I started working at A-Trust  first doing work on the Linux client software (in C++), writing all sorts of test scripts (in Python ) and then developing a big portion of our server-side software (in C#.Net). Also I was keeping the Spam out and writing all sorts of system monitoring stuff and helping a colleague out with his project .

In May 2012 I started at Kapsch TrafficCom where I first worked on some small projects and then as the System Architect for a cryptographic library. After my first paternity leave I started with the ITS team.

I was on paternity leave between August 2014 and August 2015 and I'm currently on paternity leave till January 2018.